No Root for You

A BOOK! is proud to present the publication of a new book, written by the founder/developer of this site. The book, as seen above, is entitled "No Root for You: A Series of Tutorials, Rants and Raves, and Other Random Nuances Therein." The book is about network auditing, consisting of a step-by-step tutorial guide explaining how one would go about auditing, securing, and learning why certain exploits work, etc. It is available now! Click here!

Below you will find a copy of the exact table of contents, number of pages, and other assortment of goodies!

Actual Back of the Book - Summary of What this is, and what it is not...

As I have noticed over the years, direct spoon-fed information on anything that involves network auditing or anything of the sort has been rather scarce these days. This is why my book has spawned in such a form that resolves this issue. The idea is to prove that such tasks may be explained in an articulate manner, while still maintaining a proper rapport with the individual. People tend to speak in lofty tongue when they have a superiority complex. I negate this completely by drawing back the verbal curtain and cut straight to the point. This is done by speaking in layman's terms while still maintaining proper terminology when absolutely necessary, and explain such thoughts in metaphor to explain the idea in a more descriptive form. As you may have guessed, this is a network auditor's quick reference bible. Not only does it contain step by step illustrated tutorials, but an explanation in regards to why each exploitation or what have you works, and how to defend against such attacks. Be prepared, one might also discover a few rants and raves, as well as a few other random nuances therein.


416 pgs

37 topics

Price: $22.99

Table of Contents

The Legend VII

Preface IX


Reference Page and Requirements 1

Words of Wisdom: Reason for Pursuing Security 18

Spoon-fed Hacking Series

How to Crack WEP 21

Romancing the Victim 34

Gas Lighting is Always a Good Thrill 40


Campus Warwalking 45


Useful Software 55

Operating System

Installing OSX Tiger and Ubuntu onto a PC 60

Installing OSX Leopard onto a PC 83

Art of Spoofing

Technical Practical Jokes are a Real Hoot 105

I Send Your E-mail 113

PHP Exploitation

Remote and Local File Inclusion Explained 120

Miscellaneous Exploitation Methods

Compilation of Exploitation Random ?Goodies 144

Windows Hacking

NetBIOS Hacking 175


MD5 181

Live by Example

Real-Life Social Engineering 184

Hypothetical Scenario Real-Life Exploitation 198

Code Injection

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) 213

SQL Injection 226

XPATH Injection 239

CRLF Injection 244

Cross Site Request Forgery Injection 252

Two-Faced Programs

Honey Pots 259

Cracking: Part 2

Brute Forcing 264

WPA Cracking 268


Compiling Exploits Windows Style 272

Writing Exploits 276


Bluetooth Hacking 288


How Not to Get Caught 297

Hardware Modifications

Computer Modification #1 304

Computer Modification #2 315

Microprocessor 322

Rants and Raves

Digital Rights Management 342

A Series of Uncut Rants and Raves 350


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