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[c] anti-anti-dbg.c 1.0 KB 2009-Sep-01 Linux kernel
[tgz] bastard-0.14.tgz 1.1 MB 2009-Sep-01 Disassembler for x86 ELF
[tgz] bastard_src-0.10.tgz 1.2 MB 2009-Sep-01 Disassembler for x86 ELF
[bz2] biew501.tar.bz2 254.6 KB 2009-Sep-01 Binary vIEWer
[tgz] elfsh-0.5b8-linux.tgz 141.9 KB 2009-Sep-01 Elf Shell
[tgz] elfsh-0.39b.tgz 133.2 KB 2009-Sep-01 Elf Shell
[gz] exectrace-v0.1.tar.gz 10.7 KB 2009-Sep-01 Debugging tool
[gz] gvd-1.0.1-linux.gz 1.0 MB 2009-Sep-01 General purpose graphical debugger frontend
[gz] LDasm-0.01.32.tar.gz 35.8 KB 2009-Sep-01 Linux Disassembler GUI
[gz] LDasm-0.04.53.tar.gz 59.2 KB 2009-Sep-01 Linux Disassembler GUI
[pl] 5.3 KB 2009-Sep-01 Parses objdump's output, and cross-refrences it
[gz] reap-0.4B.tar.gz 7.1 KB 2009-Sep-01 Reverse Engineer's Assembly Producer GUI
[gz] sersniff-0.0.3.tar.gz 12.3 KB 2009-Sep-01 Tunneller/sniffer between 2 serial ports
[bz2] valgrind-2.0.0.tar.bz2 694.2 KB 2009-Sep-01 Finds memory-management problems
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