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All of the following downloads are coded and compiled by me, and please do not redistribute them without my consent. For any questions, please contact me at admin -at- leetupload (dot) com. I will not be held responsible for any mishaps.

Please note that all programs here most likely require Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 Edition. Here is the link to download it: Download

Random Netbios and Computer Name Generator ClickHere

This is a simple vbscript file that, when executed, changes the name of the computer's netbios, as well as the computer name on each startup with a random set of numbers. If you like anonimity, and use a laptop in the same area often, this is a great tool for you.

Get AIM IP ClickHere

Yeah, so, with this, you can get anyone's IP on AIM, as long as you "directly connect" with them. Fairly simple to use, just follow the directions. Screenshot

Generate IP and Ping It ClickHere

This little program will create a randomly generated IP address, and then will ping it to see if it actually exists as an HTTP website or not. Very useful tool indeed. There are a few bugs, (well, one really) but it is explained in the intro on how to go about resolving it. Screenshot

LAN Sniffer ClickHere

It's pretty self-explaantory. It looks for the file that you want, and displays it. Its kind of clunky the way its set up, and maybe a bit confusing. But that's probably why its a beta. Great for retrieving files from LAN Wars. Screenshot

Noob Network Helper ClickHere

This program helps new comers to get certain IP/Network related things that are needed to host/play games. Very useful for noobs, and comes with a fun new feature so you can resolve any host's IP address. Screenshot

Remote LAN Download ClickHere

This program makes it easier to download programs from other people's computers at LAN Wars, but you must at least know the servername and the document dir. Screenshot

Glj12 Cleaner Beta ClickHere

A very simple cleaner that deletes your trace, such as cache, cookies, (for IE and Firefox) history, temp, etc. All finishes with one click of a button! Note: Still in the beta phase. Screenshot