Spoonfed Hacking


This guide, written by me, glj12, is a fairly comprehensive tutorial that covers various methods that involve hacking particular types of “victims.” I do not take any responsibility whatsoever if you choose to follow through the provided methods on non-accepting candidates. The following methods display acts of security cracking. Enjoy, and please remember the prior agreement in terms of usage of the provided knowledge below.

This is a continuation of Hacking Spoonfed Part 2

Method 3 The Destructive Form of Hacking

Note, everything highlighted in yellow is code, what you type in the terminal)

Ah, if all else fails, this is what I resort to. Let's be a little bastard, shall we? Say all of the prior methods failed, and you just want to have some fun with these people that you apparently have a grudge against. Go have fun, and open all ports on the router. Let's flood the hell out of it. Go get any sort of program that consists of a UDP flooder, (or TCP) and flood the port that you have now opened on the router. This is amazingly straight forward, and takes pretty much no thought. Just flood the default gateway, plus the given port that you have opened, (or IP of the intranet computer). Eventually, your connection will time out if you do it while connected to the 'SSID' example. So it is best to do it from another host, and be sure to get a port flooder that spoofs your IP. Use your elite Google skills. :) So where was I? Ah, yes, flooding. The router will eventually die from massive packets per second, and their connection will be terminated until they decide to reset their router. Now wasn't that fun? I always prefer that method, it is the easiest, and consists of the fastest instant gratification. Sorry folks, didn't mean to put much emphasis on the 'joy' of doing the prior attack. And of course, only do this on a network that you own... =/

Scare Tactics for Website Owners:

Say you just want to scare someone who owns a website, and not necessarily hurt anyone, (good call if you choose this, you won't get in trouble!) Get a Linux box up, and open up a shell. Paste the following code in after gaining internet access. This is kind of a lame attack, and if the person has half a brain, may be determined what has actually happened here. You take some website, and plug-and-chug, as they say into the code provided below. Let us look at it, shall we?

wget http://microsoft.com/ --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20041001 Firefox/0.10.1" --referer=http://I_SEE_YOU!_STOP_WITH_THE_DRM_CRAP.com -O /dev/null sh scarenoobs.sh

Allow me to explain the syntax here. Wget is the Linux command that may be found in most shells. It is normally used to retrieve data from some internet source provided after the command. In this case, it is http://microsoft.com. --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 defines what sort of browser you are using, it may be set to anything you please. --referer= defines who the refferer is, but is not limited to a website. It may be words as well, such as the given: http://I_SEE_YOU!_STOP_WITH_THE_DRM_CRAP.com. -O /dev/null tells wget where to store any temporary data, and sh scarenoobs.sh tells the script to loop. Be sure to save the program as scarenoobs.sh, or at least keep the filename and this string consistant. I may repeat this later on, but it is for your own good. :) Also, please be aware that this will loop, meaning that it will repeatedly send a refferer without a pause at a rapid rate, and if left on for long, may be recognized as a DoS attack, (you don't want that...). If you want it not to loop, take out sh scarenoobs.sh.

Copy the supplied string an paste it into a file called scarenoobs.sh. Execute it in a new window, and have fun! But first, you might want to edit I_SEE_YOU! Etc and the website. So what is happening here you say? We are spoofing the refferer is all. The refferer just tells the website admin, (in a log) what webpages have redirected the user to your website. This may be a stealthily way of transporting messages, or taunting web admins who do not have much experience in such a realm. The I_SEE_YOU normally is the refferer site but here, you can obviously change it to whatever you want. If it is a 'warez' site, you could make the refferer http://cia.gov, implying that the website owner is constantly begin pinged/browsed by the CIA. Somewhat absurd, but use your imagination in terms of what it could be used for.

One other way of toying around with a noob's heart would be with the wireless connectivity method. Go get an amazingly simple program, (but brings much joy to us all) called FakeSend.exe. You may find the source code and executable here: http://www.codeproject.com/internet/fakesend.asp. Follow the directions, and send a message from some made up address, and send it to the given address found within net view. Now the user on the other end may find a lovely message that you have written for them. Aw, how nice.

There are so many other methods in terms of 'hacking,' but I will let this tutorial come to an end, and let you, the user, soak in what you have read. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me at: admin -at- leetupload.com. Cheers!

For now, this is the end of the Hacking Spoonfed series, (in terms of local and global hacking). More articles will come eventually.