Just thought that I should create a list of useful tools that I use on a daily basis. Maybe some of you will benefit from these.


Windows Tweaking Applications:



  • MadMAC's - Generate a MAC address and a netbios name upon each startup; created by glj12 and Irongeek
  • WinSCP3 - Secure FTP and tunnel
  • Hamachi - Secure LAN over the WAN
  • TorPark - Anonymous Web Browser

Data transfer:

  • uTorrent - Torrent downloading clients with anonymity
  • Remote Admin - Like VNC, creates a secure virtual network connection
  • Putty - Secure SSH client
  • Filezilla - Secure FTP Transfer
  • Firefox - Secure Browser
  • WASTE - Encrypted data tranfsers with multiple clients
  • DownThemAll - A firefox extension that downloads every file on a given page you are browsing



3d Design:

  • 3d Studio Max - The only 3d renderring studio program I use, plus the plugin VRay for realism


  • mIRC - IRC chatting client, (multiplayer notepad)
  • GAIM - Multi-protocol instant messenger (thank you ItalianSoda, I give you props for finally convincing me to drop trillian)
  • Gizmo - Talk over an IP to anywhere in the country for free


  • Quicktime Alternative - Quicktime minus Apple
  • VMWare - Virtually run any operating system for an x86 or x64 CPU within your current OS
  • Winrar - Great file compressor
  • CPUZ - Tells everything about your CPU and DIMM slots
  • Deepburner - Nice, simple, burning utility for ISO and data
  • Daemon Tools - Virtual Drive Mounter
  • Open Office - Microsoft Office alternative
  • MagicISO - ISO image maker
  • Fraps - Make movies of games or take screenshots with a press of a button
  • RSS Builder - Automated RSS builder

Operating Systems: