This is an HCI compliant search engine. A case study was implemented on a large sample size, and this is what the result yielded. Users are looking for a search engine where the search window remains static, and any link selected is dynamically executed to the right. Once this dynamic environment is executed, one may resize, maximize, minimize, move, and open multiple windows. This makes for a better user experience where one does not need to traverse backward looking for one's initial search, open new tabs, windows, etc. This concept also theoretically consolidates space, as well as save memory usage as per the aforementioned.

The story behind the title of this search engine is based off of a typographical error. I was creating a test domain for this site some 8 months ago, and was using the initialism for "Double Take Search Engine", and I for some odd reason typed 'g' as opposed to 'd'. After my permanent mistake, I decided to make the best of the new name, and thought that "Good Times Search Engine" would be odd/humorous enough so that people would remember such a ludacris name. Here's to hoping.

Note: This is now _beta_, meaning that it is slightly more stable than previous versions you have seen, but may still be a little bit buggy. If you find any bugs, please use the form in order to submit a bug report. Also, this is best viewed in 1280x1024+ along with Spread Firefox Affiliate Button



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As you can see below, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Here is a list of "ToDo's" sent to us by you, the community. If you have any other suggestions or things you would like to see implemented, please post it in the comment section, or send it as a bug.

Please also note that these are not necessarily in order of importance/what will be completed next. As these tasks are being worked on, they will turn red, and when finished, they will be green. White means that they have yet to be taken on.