Fixed Upload Link

Sorry about that. The upload link for increasing the database has been fixed. Upload.

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I doubt that hardly any of you know of my old domain from back in 2005, but it was called (my first domain). It used to be a Counter-Strike:Source server amongst other random joys. Well, I have decided to use that domain to forward to this one, If you’d like to see this page dedicated to a certain project, or anything else that comes to mind, let me know!

Also, I used to host files that I wrote from when I was younger… programs that did various things. For your pleasure, I have dedicated them to this page here for your viewing/using pleasure. I’m not sure if they still work on all of the platforms that they claim, but it might be beneficial. If you want the source code, let me know!

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Exploit Database

Hey all.

I have successfully updated the exploit database. Be sure to keep your uploads coming, as I will add them after inspection to the database weekly.



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So, I got a Twitter account. You can, uh, follow me if you want, I guess. If so, I may be found here:!/leetupload

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Updated Website

Hey all! I updated my website. Who knew, right? Well, along with that, I’m bringing back the good ol’ (from two years back) upload files to the database. You may find it here. Upload files that you feel will be a relevant inclusion into the database, if it isn’t already there (do a search!). All files will be examined prior to acceptance into the database. Cheers!

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No Root for You — ISACA

My book, No Root for You has finally made worthy — ISACA approved. If you would like my book to be used by your university, shoot me an email. I’m going to (in the upcoming days) approach universities and see if I can get it to be approved texbook material.

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