Proxify all the apps! Widecap+Tor+Vidalia = Anonymous Everything

Hi all,

Long time, no post. So, you want to anonymize not only your browsing experience but all of your applications as well without paying for a VPN… or wish to diversify what applications use what proxy? Well, look no further. Acquire the following:

Down to business. Install those applications.

  1. Run Widecap, create a new proxy with the following: Server:Port: and select a Chain (e.g. Unused)
  2. Select New Rule: name the rule, choose the Proxy chain to be used under the Chain tab (e.g. Unused), click OK
  3. Drag and drop the PuTTY application into the main white box of “Programs” under View programs, select Proxify only this program, make sure the box is checked next to the application that you dragged in, and that the rule name has been applied
  4. Have Vidalia running with a Tor node selected and running
  5. After everything has been applied, run PuTTY
  6. Enjoy.

This method works on all applications. Test it out on your own boxes and view the logs to see what IP appears as the connecting client.

Best of luck!


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